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NZ Aerial Firefighting TracPlus - Ned Dawson

Hardware Spotlight: The Iridium Extreme

With complete text, email and voice call capabilities, built into a military-grade toughness case, the Iridium Extreme is one of the best satellite...


Hardware Spotlight: The TracPlus RockSTAR

Enhancing the capabilities of remote workers, the TracPlus RockSTAR is a compact and reliable tracking device, equipped with satellite-based tracking...

What Is Dual Cellular/Satellite Tracking?

Cellular and Satellite tracking are both common forms of real-time GPS tracking used in wildfire response management. This blog details both forms of...


U.S. Wildfire Statistics 2022

The state of wildfires in the U.S. are growing at an alarming rate. Today, we share some of the most important statistics we think you should know...


TracPlus Cloud New Release Features

We're excited to announce that we've just pushed a huge new release of our TracPlus Cloud platform live to production. This update sees a bunch of...


USFS AFF: Aerial Fire Updates for USA Operators

TracPlus is approved for aerial firefighting operators in the USA. The United States Forest Service (USFS) detail changes to reporting requirements.


10 Tanker: The Wildfire Globe Trotter

Arizona. California. Colorado. Canada. Chile. Australia. These are just a few of the places 10 Tanker Air Carrier has fought wildfires over the last...


Aerotech: Doing Double Duty In South Australia

Aerotech was founded in 1968 and is a second-generation family business based in South Australia. Its 30-strong fleet of aircraft are mainly made up...


TracPlus for Helicopters

TracPlus was originally designed by helicopter pilots, for helicopter pilots. Our founder, Chris Hinch, worked alongside rescue pilots to create a...


How TracPlus Supports Flight Schools

Flight training operators trust TracPlus to keep their students safe with real-time tracking, reliable messaging and powerful data insights to...


SEATs: The Unsung Heroes - (Part 2)

Learn about the unsung heroes of aviation, SEAT operators, who are revolutionizing the industry with their innovations. Explore the story of CO Fire...


SEATs: The Unsung Heroes (Part 1)

With wildfires getting more devastating and deadly, especially in the western U.S., stories on these disasters are making their way into the news and...


Communication in the Aviation Sector

We’ve all heard the saying ‘communication is key’ — and this is even more essential for the aviation sector. Not only is reliable communication vital...


PCADS: The Evolution Of Airborne Firefighting

Whether you believe that man-made climate change, insect infestations killing millions of trees, or rampant real estate development in wilderness...


HeloPod: Welcome To The Snag-Free Zone

Following a wildfire season in the United States in which nearly 100 people lost their lives, fire agencies are on the hunt for better ways to fight...


Exciting New Developments on TracPlus Cloud

In our continued effort to bring new, valuable updates to TracPlus Cloud that improve operational efficiency, we are happy to present temporal...

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