TracPlus Cloud Mobile for Android, Geofences, Event Notifications, and TracPlus Beacon are now live

Introducing our new Android mobile app and our brand new transform your smartphone into a powerful tracking device with Beacon. Alongside these get real-time alerts to SMS and email with Event Notifications and Geofences.

In the two weeks since our last product update, the team have been working around the clock to enable users to manage assets while on the go with our new Android mobile app, transform your smartphone into a powerful tracking device with Beacon, and get real-time alerts to SMS and email with Event Notifications and Geofences.

The wait is over! Our totally redesigned Android App is here, bringing the full power of TracPlus Cloud mobile to your Android devices. 

The Android app brings enhanced map interaction and optimised user experience to TracPlus users, featuring direct report data viewing on maps, minimised UI for a cleaner experience, advanced asset icons for better recognition, customisable trail modes, and a searchable assets list. Additionally, it improves operational awareness with visible transmission and network statuses, expands login options for greater accessibility, and plans for offline message queuing, making asset management more intuitive and efficient to keep you connected and in control, no matter where.

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TracPlus Labs: our early access program to upcoming innovations

Available to select customers today through TracPlus Labs, Event Notifications and Geofences are set to super-charge the way fleet operators manage their assets.

Event Notifications: Stay ahead with real-time alerts through our Event Notifications module in TracPlus Cloud. Subscribe to event alerts for specific assets or groups, and receive notifications for key activities such as engine starts/stops, takeoffs, and landings. This feature empowers you with greater situational awareness, allowing for proactive operational management without the need for constant app monitoring.

Geofences: Introducing the capability to define virtual boundaries with our Geofences feature. Set up alerts for when an asset enters or exits a designated area, providing critical information right when it's needed. Whether it’s preparing ground crew for an incoming aircraft or monitoring the movement of assets in restricted areas, geofences offer a new layer of operational control and safety. 

Not a Labs member yet? Here’s your chance to gain early access to our latest developments. Sign up for TracPlus Labs today and be at the forefront of operational innovation.

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TracPlus Beacon: transform your smartphone into a powerful tracking device

Available to select customers today through TracPlus Labs, TracPlus Beacon turns any iOS device into a powerful tracking tool. This integration broadens our operational management to include traditionally untracked assets, providing unparalleled visibility within the TracPlus Cloud with minimal additional investment.

TracPlus Beacon is in its final stages of testing and development through Labs and will be available for wider release later in April 2024. Register your interest in TracPlus Beacon today and begin adopting this innovative new technology into your operating mission.

Important Update for TracPlus Pro 3 Users

In the coming week, you'll see a fresh new look on the TracPlus Pro 3 map interface. Our current base maps, supplied by HERE Maps, are being discontinued by the provider. Fortunately, we're set to transition smoothly to an advanced service without any need for changes on your part. This update will occur automatically, ensuring a seamless transition for you. However, this situation underscores the limitations of relying on legacy systems and hardcoded third-party services, which may undergo unpredictable changes in the future.

To ensure uninterrupted and enhanced tracking capabilities, we strongly recommend upgrading to TracPlus Cloud—a more advanced, reliable, and resilient platform.

We understand such transitions require careful consideration and support. To explore the benefits of TracPlus Cloud and to plan your migration, please connect with Todd at

Upcoming Developments

As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in tracking and operational management, two advancements stand out, promising to redefine efficiency and connectivity for our users.

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ADS-B Tracking Data: Leveraging ADS-B infrastructure, TracPlus introduces an efficient aircraft monitoring solution within our Cloud platform. This feature simplifies tracking, reducing the need for external hardware and facilitating cost-effective operational oversight.

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Aviation Software Integrations: Our upcoming integration capabilities offer comprehensive flight data management. Expect access to post-processed flight summaries including departure and arrival times, passenger manifests, fuel details, and critical flight metrics, all designed to supercharge your operation.

Highlights from TracPlus Cloud 2.1.12

Miss our early March product update? Check out some of the key updates including Markers and 3D trails designed to enhance your tracking capabilities, make data analysis more intuitive, and provide greater control over how you interact with our system. 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 10.22.05 AM

Markers: enrich the TracPlus Cloud map with dynamic reference points, offering critical insights directly from the Map page.

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3D Trails: enabling users to view and review flight tracks in stunning 3D, complemented by our new terrain model. 

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