TracPlus DataBridge

In an era where data streams come from a multitude of sources, having a centralised platform to analyse, standardise, and present that information in an actionable format is essential. TracPlus stands at the forefront, pioneering the art of combining diverse data streams into an intelligible and unified platform.

One Platform, Any Device.

Experience the epitome of tracking integration with TracPlus. Our agnostic platform welcomes over 60 different types of hardware, allowing operators the freedom to bring their own device. While original airtime providers remain integral, our system transforms scattered and fragmented tracking systems into a singular, unified view. Dive into a cohesive and streamlined experience where multiple screens converge into one definitive source of truth.

TracPlus - the most connected platform in aviation tracking and wildfire management.


Integrated tracking solutions for complete visibility.

Even if you're utilising multiple tracking providers, TracPlus ensures you have a unified view. We’ve seamlessly integrated with:

  • SkyTrac
  • Latitude Technologies
  • Guardian Mobility
  • Honeywell
  • Spidertracks
  • Blue Sky Network

Streamlined electronic flight bags.

Wildfire missions are demanding and having easy-to-access tools can be a lifesaver. TracPlus enhances electronic flight bag apps by allowing them to integrate with devices like the RockAIR and Flightcell DZMx. This way, you can send and receive messages without the hassle of switching applications. Integrated apps include:

  • OzRunways
  • AvPlan EFB

Automated crew, cargo, and equipment recognition.

Eliminate manual checks. With Bluetooth tags, TracPlus offers automatic identification and streamlined reporting of crew members, cargo, and specialised wildfire equipment. Integrated solutions include:

  • IQ Onboard



Empowering SaaS providers with TracPlus data.

We believe in strengthening the entire wildfire management ecosystem. To that end, TracPlus enables Software as a Service providers to securely access critical tracking and event data from their customers who use TracPlus.

  • Aeronet
  • Air Maestro
  • FlightCert
  • TrackIt


Unify your wildfire response management with TracPlus