Ground-based firefighting

Empower ground operations with tactical precision, coordination, and unmatched clarity

Ground firefighting operations demand precision, teamwork, and timely data. With TracPlus, teams on the ground benefit from reliable, real-time tracking and insights. Our tools support informed decisions and coordinated responses, ensuring that each action taken is based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Always Connected, Anywhere: Satellite-Powered Tracking and Communication

TracPlus offers a 'Dingell Act Resource Tracking (DART) compliant' tracking solution, ensuring that deployed firefighters, no matter how remote, are always within reach. Our comprehensive solution provides voice, text, and location services — all powered by satellite. This ensures uninterrupted communication, free from the limitations of ground-based infrastructure, making it ideal even in communication-denied environments.

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Your ground-based firefighting operations, elevated

Strategic ground-level insights

Navigate complex terrains with real-time data, ensuring your ground crew operates with unmatched strategic clarity.

Rapid response planning

Arm your crew with timely data insights, allowing for swift, decisive action, even amidst rapidly changing ground scenarios.

Seamless ground-to-air integration

Foster impeccable coordination between ground units, aerial assets, and command hubs, creating a cohesive force against encroaching fires.

Safety as a standard

In the ever-evolving landscape of a wildfire, keep your crew interconnected with reliable tools, ensuring immediate backup and coordination in high-risk situations.

Health report
Intelligent reporting

Adhere to rigorous event reporting standards, ensuring your operations remain compliant and are always backed by actionable insights.












Benefits of TracPlus for ground-based firefighting

Enhanced situational awareness

Real-time tracking and monitoring of both crew and equipment enables ground teams to adapt rapidly to changing conditions, ensuring they're always one step ahead of the fire.

Robust communication

Continuous communication channels, even in remote areas, ensures that ground teams remain connected, facilitating quick strategy adjustments and immediate support in emergencies.

Data-driven decision making

Comprehensive data capture from operations means ground teams can analyse past and current firefighting efforts, optimising strategies for future operations.

Integrated operations

Seamless integration with various tracking service providers and hardware produces a unified platform for holistic coordination, regardless of the tools or systems in use.

Compliance and reporting - simplified

Meet rigorous event data capture requirements.
Streamline administrative tasks and ensure compliance with regulatory bodies, freeing your teams to focus on fighting fires.

Advanced safety protocols

Constant monitoring and automatic alerts for ground teams reduces the risks associated with ground-based firefighting, ensuring that teams can operate in even the most challenging scenarios with confidence.

Collaborative efficiency

Data sharing with other organisations and aerial firefighting teams enhance collaborative responses, ensuring all teams involved in firefighting operations are on the same page.

Training and support

Access to a range of training resources and dedicated support means that ground-based teams can make the most of the TracPlus system, with expert assistance always available.

Embrace the new era of ground-based firefighting with TracPlus. Level up your operations, stay ahead of the fire.

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