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Why TracPlus is Your #1 Option for Complete Coordination And Insights.

Increase the safety of your staff

Drastically mitigate risks faced by your crew during wildfire emergencies. Track your crew and assets anywhere globally with a single click, ensuring timely and accurate decision-making during wildfire operations. Seamless communication with your team, even in remote locations beyond cell coverage.

Bring down costs for your business

Benefit from our dual cellular/satellite connectivity and adaptable tracking rates so you only pay for what you use. Bring our existing devices over to TracPlus or enjoy our best in class tracking devices.

Increase your efficiency across the board.

Time-saving automated mission reports specific to wildfire missions. Share vital data with fellow wildfire organizations, fostering a united front for more effective response outcomes. Drastically reduce your administrative burden with compliance-ready features aligned with USFS, NAFC, EASA, and other regulatory bodies.