TracPlus Cloud's Latest Enhancements - February 2024

From velocity leaders to more accurate location names and improved trip detection for helicopters, these updates are all about making your experience smoother and more insightful.

At TracPlus, we're committed to constantly evolving our platform to meet and exceed the needs of our users. We're excited to announce a suite of new features designed to enhance your tracking capabilities, make data analysis more intuitive, and provide greater control over how you interact with our system. From velocity leaders to more accurate location names and improved trip detection for helicopters, these updates are all about making your experience smoother and more insightful.

New Feature Highlights:

  1. Velocity Leaders: Gain clearer insights into the direction and speed of your assets in motion with our new velocity leaders, making it easier to understand asset movements at a glance
    Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 3.30.09 PM
  2. Volume Unit Settings: We've added gallons to our volume unit settings, offering more flexibility for fuel measurement and planning across diverse operational requirements.
  3. Enhanced Date Picker for Trip Analysis and Reports: Now, easily identify days with activity through our updated date picker, which includes separate indicators for up to three active assets and a consolidated indicator for more than three, streamlining your trip analysis and reporting process.
  4. Independent KML Layer Visibility on Split Maps: Enhance your map analysis by toggling the visibility of each KML layer independently on split maps, providing a tailored view that matches your specific needs.
  5. Context-Aware Location Names: Benefit from more accurate start and end location names for your trips, provided by a context-aware service based on the asset type. This feature brings precision to trip reports and the context box, improving your operational insights.
  6. Map Icons for Pump Start and Stop Events: With new map icons for pump start and stop events, monitoring and reporting on these critical activities are now more straightforward than ever.
  7. Optimised Asset Label Display: Keep your map view uncluttered. We've moved the following asset label to the bottom of the map to prevent overlay conflicts, ensuring a clear and informative display.
  8. Refined Trip Icons: Discover improved icons for trip starts and ends in the context box, with distinctions based on whether the trip was inferred from startup/shutdown or takeoff/landing, adding clarity to your trip analysis.
  9. Helicopter Trip Detection Enhancements: Enjoy more accurate trip detection for helicopters, with improvements that discard takeoff and landing events under certain speed conditions, ensuring that only relevant movements are recorded.
  10. Timezone-Aware Historic Mode: Our historic mode now accurately reflects your chosen calendar day across any timezone, with data automatically adjusting if you switch time zones, guaranteeing that you're always working with the correct information.
  11. Trusted Takeoff and Landing Events: We've enhanced trip detection by always trusting takeoff and landing events from FlightCell devices, streamlining data accuracy for your flights.
  12. Aircraft Icon Detection: Identify commonly seen aircraft more easily with added icon detection for ADS-B data, including specific models of Boeing, Airbus, DC-3, DC-10, and C-130, enriching your situational awareness.

    Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 3.32.44 PM
  13. Asset Archiving: Manage your asset list more effectively with the ability to archive assets that have a device assigned to them, keeping your map view and asset list focused and organised.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow with TracPlus Labs

The future at TracPlus is bright, and it's brimming with innovation. As we continue to evolve our platform, TracPlus Labs is at the forefront, crafting features that promise to revolutionise the way you track and communicate. Imagine harnessing the power of ADS-B to get real-time air traffic data directly on your platform or the convenience of integrating your personal devices, like Spidertracks, for seamless tracking — these are just a few of the groundbreaking developments we're exploring.

Ready to Lead the Charge? Dive into the heart of innovation by joining our Early Adopter Program. This is your invitation to test the boldest new features, from BYOD capabilities to advanced ADS-B integration, before they go live. Your feedback won’t just be heard; it will shape the future of tracking technology.


These updates reflect our dedication to providing you with a command and control platform that's not only powerful and comprehensive but also intuitive and tailored to your unique operational needs. We're excited for you to explore these new features and look forward to your feedback, which continues to drive our innovation forward.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance the TracPlus experience. Your mission is our priority, and through these advancements, we aim to support you better than ever before.

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