GIP 1156

Guardian Alert System

Emergencies are unpredictable, but with the Guardian Alert System from TracPlus, your response won't be. Standing at the forefront of emergency response evolution, this comprehensive critical incident add-on goes beyond mere notifications. Guardian Alert System seamlessly bridges the gap between a distress call and decisive action and ensures every second counts during emergencies.


Rapid Response Rehearsal

The Rapid Response Rehearsal is not just an exercise; it's a proactive strategy. A controlled environment allows your team to run through emergency scenarios, ensuring that when reality tests them, they respond not out of panic, but out of practice.


Emergency Response Protocol

Emergencies are unpredictable and can be overwhelming. With TracPlus's Emergency Response Protocol, you're not just getting an automated response. You're connecting with a trained human responder dedicated to assisting you during critical moments. This immediate, human-initiated communication ensures that no call goes unanswered, and every distress signal receives the attention it deserves.


Impact-Triggered Emergency Notification

Emergencies can strike without warning. With the Impact-Triggered Emergency Notification, TracPlus ensures that no matter the circumstances, the ability to raise an alarm remains intact. Built with an onboard battery, even if external power sources fail, our Rock systems continue their vigilant watch, auto-detecting high G-impact events and sending out vital distress signals.


Manual Distress Activation

Even in the world's most isolated corners, the Manual Distress Activation stands as a beacon of connectivity. It ensures that with a single press, teams — whether in the air or on the ground — instantly bridge the vastness, connecting to TracPlus and signalling for the help they need.


Rescue Coordination Escalation

TracPlus isn't just a passive observer; it's an integral component of the rescue chain. We understand that in emergencies, every moment counts. With TracPlus, you're not just sending a signal into the void; you're ensuring a swift, coordinated, and effective response from first responders. When an emergency signal is detected and the operator deems it necessary, our team is prepared to take action.


Critical Incident Review

In the aftermath of an emergency, understanding what transpired is crucial for both learning and refining future response strategies. With TracPlus's Critical Incident Review, we offer a detailed post-event analysis, exclusively focusing on the insights we can gather from our platform. We're committed to transparency, providing operators with a clear picture of flight tracks, event timings, and alerts. You're not left to piece together the puzzle; we compile and present the data, allowing you to derive the insights you need.


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