We’re revolutionising wildfire response to improve community safety, globally.

Rooted deeply in our commitment to safeguard communities and empower emergency operations, we've ascended from being a trusted tracking and hardware provider to becoming the global standard in wildfire management data solutions.

In the face of wildfires, time and coordination are of the essence. TracPlus prioritises seamless communication, real-time data sharing, and operational efficiency for all wildfire responders.

You're in good company

TracPlus is trusted by 700+ customers in 45 countries around the world. 


Our vision:

To be the global leader in operational wildfire management and response. By anticipating and shaping the future of mission-critical operations, our aim is to be the trusted strategic partner in ensuring unparalleled safety, resource optimisation, and operational excellence worldwide.

Our mission:

To provide pioneering and user-centric solutions that prioritise safety, efficiency, and coordination in mission-critical operations, with a dedicated emphasis on wildfire management across air, land, and sea.

Born from tragedy, aimed at safety

TracPlus was developed in response to a tragic event — an event that highlighted the pressing need for operational data to be readily available to first responders for better coordination and response management.

Since our inception in 2007, we remain committed to improving safety measures in the face of emergencies worldwide.

Our cloud-based platform removes unnecessary barriers to collaboration — ensuring that situational awareness, efficient communication, and data-driven insights are accessible and reliable. We’re proud to champion the vision of an interconnected ecosystem of solutions that work seamlessly together.


Proven track record

Founded in 2007, we are now trusted by 700+ customers in 45 countries around the world with over 8,500,000 operational tracking hours recorded in our systems.

We provide a whole-of-country solution to the likes of NAFC for the protection of Australia from wildfires.


See TracPlus in Action 

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