TracPlus Beacon

Enhance team safety in your organisation with real-time location tracking and instant emergency alerts.

Designed for lone and at-risk workers.

Provide peace of mind for your team by ensuring that help is always just a tap away.

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Transform any smartphone into a powerful safety tool

TracPlus Beacon creates a safer working environment through real-time location tracking and instant emergency alerts from your team's smartphone.

Empowering you to monitor the safety and location of your team in a cost-effective way.



Why TracPlus Beacon?

Instant SOS alerts

With just a tap, team members can send an SOS alert from their smartphone within an active cellular connection, providing exact location details for a swift and precise emergency response.

Real-time monitoring

Utilitise the ubiquity and coverage of cellular networks to keep track of your team's location in real-time, ensuring everyone is safe and accounted for, wherever their tasks may take them.

Affordable safety solution

Beacon turns a team member's smartphone into their own personal safety tool, this offers a cost-effective way to enhance team safety and operational oversight.

Compliance & reporting

Effortlessly meet health and safety regulations with automated check-ins and detailed reporting, all stored securely within TracPlus Cloud for easy access.

Ecosystem integration

Seamlessly connect with the TracPlus ecosystem for unified operational oversight, enhancing safety, and decision-making.

Seamless setup

TracPlus Beacon works with your existing smartphones, making it easy to implement without the hassle of extra equipment or steep learning curves.

See TracPlus Beacon in Action 

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Already have a TracPlus Cloud account? Then you're ready to start using TracPlus Beacon!

Simply navigate to Beacon within the Tracking tab of TracPlus Cloud and start assigning seats. To purchase more seats talk to our team.

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Need Clarification?

Is it compatible with Android and iPhone?

Yes! TracPlus Beacon is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Where does it work?

TracPlus Beacon works in areas with cellular reception, as it relies on a cellular data connection to send location reports. There are no geographic restrictions; it will work anywhere in the world where there is a cell signal.

What happens if cell coverage is lost?

Beacon caches data when out of cellular range to ensure uninterrupted tracking and uploads the information to TracPlus Cloud once connectivity restored.

Does it work with other reporting add-ons like Trip Reports?

Yes, Beacon is compatible with all other modules in TracPlus, including Guardian Alert System, Trip Analysis, Utilisation Reports, and more.

How does Beacon handle battery usage on smartphones?

Initial tests indicate that Beacon consumes approximately 0.5% of battery power for every 10 minutes of continuous tracking on most devices.

What else is coming?

We anticipate adding many new features to Beacon, including messaging and scheduled tracking. Watch this space!