RockAIR Firmware 3.8.21: A Leap Forward in LTE Performance

TracPlus is proud to announce the release of firmware 3.8.21 for RockAIR devices. This update is a major enhancement for LTE performance in Australia.

TracPlus is proud to announce the release of firmware 3.8.21 for RockAIR devices. This update is a major advancement, particularly enhancing LTE performance in Australia and New Zealand. After rigorous development and testing, this firmware significantly improves the balance between satellite and cellular data transmission in your RockAIR units.

The Impact of These Changes The enhancements in firmware 3.8.21 directly translate to a more reliable and efficient tracking experience. Users in Australia and New Zealand, in particular, will notice a significant improvement in LTE connectivity. This leads to a more balanced use of satellite and cellular networks, ensuring faster data transmission and more accurate location tracking.

What's Changed in Firmware 3.8.21

  1. Enhanced GNSS Functionality: Resolves previous issues with the GNSS data stream in certain operational modes.
  2. Optimised GPRS Socket Closure: Reduces the socket closure time to 1-2 seconds post-transmission, enhancing real-time data transmission efficiency.
  3. Improved Tracking and Reactivation Process: Addresses issues related to tracking suspension, ensuring smoother device operation.

How to Update Your Firmware Updating your RockAIR device to the latest firmware is straightforward:

  1. Wireless Update via iOS (TracPlus Connect App): Use your iOS device with the TracPlus Connect app for a convenient, wireless update.
  2. Using a PC and USB Cable: Connect your RockAIR to a PC with a USB cable and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Using an SD Card Reader: Update via an SD card reader for a manual update approach.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the RockAIR documentation on our website.

Reach Our Team for Support At TracPlus, we're committed to providing continuous support for our products. If you encounter any issues while updating your firmware or have any questions, our support team is here to assist. Contact us at

We highly encourage all RockAIR users to upgrade to the latest firmware to take advantage of these significant improvements. As always, we continue to innovate and improve our products, focusing on safety, reliability, and superior performance in mission-critical operations.

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