TracPlus Upgrades: Streamlined Access, Clear Tracking & Agile Management

In aerial firefighting and the wider aviation industry connectivity and access to crucial information are paramount. Our latest updates are designed to enhance your safety and efficiency.

Discover the latest advancements on the TracPlus platform, designed to enhance connectivity, efficiency, and safety in today's fast-paced industries. Our team is thrilled to introduce a series of remarkable upgrades that bring enhanced functionality and greater flexibility to users. Join us as we explore these exciting product enhancements, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for all.

Streamlined Access: TracPlus Web and TracPlus Pro 3 users can now log into the TracPlus Cloud platform using their organisation's unique usercodes. This gives users the ability to easily switch to TracPlus Cloud platform. Another benefit is that users can gain view-only access and stay up-to-date with relevant information specific to your role. Stay Informed upon Login Upon logging in with your usercode, receive informative notifications that keep you updated on your access privileges. Learn about your view-only access and discover how to obtain an individual account through your organisation's administrator, unlocking expanded platform capabilities.

Easy Configuration: Ensure smooth management of your Rock7 tacking devices with the ability to send predefined configuration profiles for aviation, maritime or land tracking. This new feature is available to administrators for your organisation's own Rock7 devices or those which are shared with the "Configure Device" permission.screenshot_2023-07-04_at_1__FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd.47.49_pm

Clear Tracking Status Identify Suspended Devices: This new feature enables users who see their asset is not moving on the map but don't know that has tracking suspended to quickly identify their status. 

Agile Asset Management Register/Deregister AMS: Take control of asset management with the ability to register or deregister the Asset Management System (AMS) for your assets. Customise settings such as timeouts and stationary detection to align with your operational needs, maximising efficiency and control.


Optimal Distress Monitoring Suspend/Resume as Needed: Respond effectively to temporary situations by suspending or resuming distress monitoring for assets. Set configurable suspension periods and view automatic monitoring resume times. This feature caters exclusively to RockAIR or Flightcell device users, ensuring optimal distress monitoring management.


Tailored Asset Table Customise Displayed Columns: Additional Asset Details. Assets can now be given a callsign and tail number to better manage and identify them. Users can choose which columns they want to see in the assets table. 


At TracPlus, we are dedicated to continually enhancing our platform to meet evolving user needs. With these powerful product enhancements, including login with organisational usercodes, streamlined configuration profiles, clear tracking status indicators, agile asset management, optimal distress monitoring, and tailored asset table customisation, we strive to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Stay connected, efficient, and safe with TracPlus as we continue to innovate and empower users in their daily operations.

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