Exciting New Developments on TracPlus Cloud

In our continued effort to bring new, valuable updates to TracPlus Cloud that improve operational efficiency, we are happy to present temporal sharing!

Temporal sharing is an update to the current data-sharing capabilities used by many operators for contractual requirements. However, now you will have the capability to include date ranges within data-sharing. This means that you now have complete control over what data is shared with other organisations or groups.

Shares can be created (or existing shares edited) to be:

  • All-time — no start or end date
  • Open-ended — from a start date with no end
  • Date Range — between start date and end date

Any existing shares in your system will now be automatically classified as all-time shares unless edited otherwise.



With the addition of temporal sharing, the UI has also been updated! But don’t worry, it is still similar enough so users who already manage sharing will have no trouble diving into our new features.

The improved interface has easy-to-use filtering controls that allow you to find shares both to and from your organisation.

Sharing - select groups

You can now list shares by asset or recipient further providing you with control over how you use your data.

Sharing - group by recipient or asset

Other features included to improve your experience include…

  • Creating shares for multiple assets at once.
  • Separate shares can be created to cover multiple time periods.
  • Notes can be added to each share. This can be used however the owner sees fit and is visible to both the sharer and recipient.

Sharing - share assets modal

The Key Advantage

With the addition of temporal sharing, TracPlus continues to allow you to improve operational efficiency through reporting and other data-related features. With more to come, we will continue to provide this unparalleled quality to our customers.

Here are the key benefits that you will get to enjoy.

  • Share only the data you want to and keep the rest private
  • Easily see who has access to your data
  • Share recipients can better analyse past activity without unnecessary data
  • Simplification of reporting requirements 
  • Ability to create shares with temporal sharing for multiple assets simultaneously

If you want to learn more about TracPlus Cloud have a look at the extra features we offer.

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