TracPlus Cloud New Release Features

We're excited to announce that we've just pushed a huge new release of our TracPlus Cloud platform live to production. This update sees a bunch of improvements and various features that have been requested over the past little while.

Our Dunedin-based development team been working hard over the past few months to bring a bunch of awesome improvements to our TracPlus Cloud platform. 

Here is a list of the highlights and improvements made:

  • 58 improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed visual issues with animated asset trails on the map.

  • Message send status is now displayed for messages sent to assets in messaging conversations.

  • Added messaging search feature that matches conversation recipients and most recent messages.

  • Resizable reports table on map view with .KML format data export.

  • Fixed ‘jump to latest activity’ and issues viewing historical data.

  • Table improvements including more information in sharing, and manage asset tables.

  • Set role (read-only/administrator) when inviting new users to organisations.

  • Stability, security and reliability improvements.


The full list of improvements:

  1. Message send status is now displayed for messages sent to assets in messaging conversations.

  2. Added search feature for conversations in messaging view that matches conversation recipients and most recent conversation messages.

  3. Improved legibility of asset labels on the map.

  4. Improved visibility of asset trails on the map.

  5. Leg details in right sidebar on the map view are now collapsed by default to only show departure/arrival and elapsed time. Can be expanded to display event information and filter reports table to reports for the selected leg.

  6. Add an expandable ‘show reports’ button to bottom of map to show/hide report data for the selected asset.

  7. Change order of reports in report table on map view to display latest reports at the top by default.

  8. Reports table can now be resized by clicking and dragging the top of the panel.

  9. Hide ‘DOP’ field by default in reports table to create more space for other columns on smaller screens.

  10. Reports can now be exported in .KML format from reports table.

  11. Reports table CSV export now exports raw values with units in header row for each of manipulation.

  12. Reports table coordinates are now show has positive/negative latitude/longitude when in decimal degrees format.

  13. Clicking reports in report table will jump to the location of that report on the map.

  14. All date information in map view is now relative to the currently selected date when viewing historical data.

  15. Disable selection of trail points for other assets when an asset is selected on the map.

  16. Improve sharpness of event icons on the map view.

  17. Hide legs with fewer than 3 reports on right sidebar in map view.

  18. Add asset variant and messaging handle (if set) to right sidebar in map view as well as improving formatting for assets with lengthy make/model/variant information.

  19. Left sidebar search on map view can now be used to find assets and devices by IMEI, TracPlus serial and Manufacturer serial numbers.

  20. Role (read-only/administrator) can now be set when inviting new users.

  21. Add save button to asset details section of edit asset page to make updating asset details explicit.

  22. Add a success message when saving asset details or asset color to confirm successful save.

  23. Added asset variant, assigned device make & model and serial number to Manage Assets & People table. Table can now be sorted and searched by assigned device and serial number also.

  24. All tables are now paginated with total number of rows displayed at the bottom of the table, and scrollable when there are more rows to display than can fit on the page (so table headers are always visible).

  25. Display ‘shared with me’ and ‘shared by me’ tables in tabs on the sharing page instead of stacked on top of one another.

  26. Added assigned device make/model and serial number columns to ‘Shared by me’ and ‘Shared with me’ tables on sharing page.

  27. The ‘Add Friend’ button now opens a search to find other organisations to befriend (only organisations who do not have their visibility settings set to ‘hidden’ will appear).

  28. Renamed ‘bearing’, ‘course' and ‘heading’ to ‘track’ everywhere.

  29. Replace “Show active assets assets within last N days” map setting with “Hide Inactive Assets” setting with more granular ‘inactive for’ options.

  30. Change mouse cursor on map to an arrow to make it easier to locate coordinates on the map.

  31. Present latitude and longitude on status bar at bottom of screen for current cursor location in map view in all three decimal degree formats for ease of conversion.

  32. Add unique browser page titles to all pages.

  33. Remove ‘+' and '-’ map zoom buttons to simplify UI.

  34. Remove custom asset pulse color map setting to simplify UI.

  35. Remove custom followed asset pulse color map setting to simplify UI.

  36. Remove unselected object opacity map setting to simplify UI.

  37. Remove trail thickness map setting to simplify UI.

  38. Remove animate to selection map setting to simplify UI.

  39. Remove default map settings from general settings to simplify UI.

  40. Remove warning about user licensing when inviting users to your organization as it is no longer accurate.

  41. General performance, security and stability improvements.

Resolved issues:

  1. Fixed visual issues with animated asset trails on the map.

  2. Fix latency, elapsed time and distance in reports table sometimes being incorrectly calculated.

  3. Fix an issue that caused event filter on reports table from moving up and down when clicked.

  4. Fix reports table not loading when expanding an in-progress leg.

  5. Remove incorrect ‘last active’ time from right sidebar for selected device on map view.

  6. Fix an issue that caused assets in the left sidebar on map view to have last active time ‘Never’ despite having historical reports.

  7. Fixed issues with ‘jump to latest activity’ button on selected asset in map view, it now changes the date to midnight on the day that asset was last active.

  8. Fixed an issue with selecting the current day in the historical mode calendar in the map view.

  9. Fixed a crash when selecting devices in the devices list on the map view that don’t have an assigned asset.

  10. Now using a consistent time zone notation everywhere (e.g. NZST instead of +12:00).

  11. Fixed an issue where trails from previously selected days staying on the map when viewing historical days in the map view.

  12. Fix internal names for events displaying in some parts of the UI (e.g. engine_start instead of Engine Start).

  13. Fixed an issue causing new users with no messaging conversations to be unable to start a conversation in messaging view.

  14. Fix an issue where some assets owned by an organization would appear in the ‘shared with me’ table as self-shares.

  15. Fix an issue causing fields not to save when updating asset details on edit asset page.

  16. Remove ‘device image’ menu item from device details page.

  17. Various Spanish translation fixes.


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