TracPlus Cloud Platform Improvements - February 2023

Introducing the latest February 2023 updates to the TracPlus Cloud platform. Harness the power of visualization with TracPlus Cloud's newly unveiled features and improvements.

Welcome back to a new update of the latest TracPlus Cloud platform improvements.

We have some super exciting releases to unveil and we're excited for you all to enjoy the added functionality they will bring to your operations.

What's new:

  1. Report Dots
  2. Unique Helicopter and Aircraft Icons
  3. Monthly Activity Highlights
  4. Live Leg Updates

Let’s dive in

1. Report Dots

Visualize your data with our enhanced map updates: Each report is now represented by a sleek and informative dot on the map, providing a birds-eye view of your information. (You can customize your mapping experience with the ability to turn off report dots in the map settings). And for a clutter-free map, report dots are automatically turned off at a zoom level, configured in the map settings - ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience.


2. Unique Helicopter and Aircraft Icons

Unleash the power of visual appeal with our latest aviation icons within TracPlus Cloud, including the ability to add your own custom asset profile images.

Admire sleek and accurate helicopter icons, with 90% of helicopter models now showcasing their unique design. Experience attention to detail with specific icons for large air tankers like the DC10, 737, and A320.

For the remaining aircraft, rest assured that they too are represented with either a precise icon or a close match. And for our road warriors, trucks and ambulances now stand out with their own distinct icons, differentiating them from the standard car icons.

New icons and default asset profile images have now also been added for common helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft models, vessels, and vehicles (including AS350, Bell206, Bell212, EC145, R44, AW139, MD500, AirTractor 802 & 802f, Beechcraft King Air B200, C-130 Hercules, Cessna 206, 208 & 208a, Gippsland GA8, PAC P-750, T6 Texan, OV-10 Bronco and S-2).



3. Monthly Activity Highlights

Seamlessly go back in time with our upgraded historic mode calendar. You can quickly and easily discover the insights you need as the calendar now shines a spotlight only on the days that your selected asset was in action during the displayed month. Get a comprehensive view of your asset's performance and never miss a beat of its history.


4. Live Leg Updates

Legs are now updated live, so you can track your progress in real-time with our upgraded reporting system. Get instant updates as new reports come in, giving you a live view of your asset’s journey. Plus, enhance your experience by simply hovering over the legs to illuminate that section of the trail on the map. This dynamic feature provides a visual representation of your legs in real-time, bringing your journey to life.

At TracPlus, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless and bug-free platform. If you encounter any challenges while using our service, we want to hear from you. Your feedback is essential in helping us create the ultimate tracking and communication experience for operators worldwide.

Feel free to contact us at and let us know how we can serve you better.

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