Introducing Device Configuration and Battery Reporting - TracPlus Cloud Platform Update

In the latest update to our TracPlus Cloud platform, we introduce new features that make device management more intuitive and convenient than ever before.

It's Mid-March and we're coming at you hot off the press with another update of the latest TracPlus Cloud platform improvements.

Introducing Device Configuration and Battery Reporting: the latest update to our platform that makes device management more intuitive and convenient than ever before for operators using our tracking devices.

Device Configuration (Rock Devices Only)

We know that tracking and managing devices can be a hassle, so we've made it easier than ever to keep tabs on your assets. Device Configuration for Rock7 Devices is a game-changer because it allows operators to access all their devices in one place. This means that operators can make configuration updates and track the rates of their Rock7 devices all from the same platform.

Additionally, the configuration updates are reported in real-time, enabling operators to make adjustments on the fly without any delay. With the ease of access to all the devices in one place and the ability to manage configurations in real-time, operators can keep their devices updated and working efficiently with minimal downtime.

Battery Reporting (Rock Devices Only)

We've also added a battery reporting feature, so you can keep an eye on your device's battery life from within the TracPlus Cloud platform. This provides operators with a more informed status of their asset and device battery levels. With the battery level reported in the analysis box and displayed with an icon in the omnibox, operators can easily see the most recently reported battery level of their device.

This feature helps operators avoid the risk of devices running out of battery while in operation, which can cause significant disruption to their tracking and management activities. With Battery Reporting, operators can stay informed about their device's battery level and take timely action to replace or recharge the battery as needed, ensuring that their devices are always working optimally.

At TracPlus, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless and bug-free platform. If you encounter any challenges while using our service, we want to hear from you. Your feedback is essential in helping us create the ultimate tracking and communication experience for operators worldwide.

Feel free to contact us at and let us know how we can serve you better.

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