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Aircraft tracking in the USA: TracPlus Spotlight

TracPlus was founded in New Zealand to help pilots stay connected while flying in the country's unique and challenging terrain.

This blog has been updated for 2022.

Since 2007, TracPlus has gone global. We have customers in over 44 countries, ranging from air medical pilots, aerial firefighting operators, helicopter tourism organisations, Water Police and California Highway Patrol. Our customers often put their lives at risk to help others and protect their communities, and TracPlus is proud to do our part to help the helpers. 

Aircraft tracking in the United States of America

TracPlus is the trusted asset tracking provider for aviation, maritime and land-based vehicles in USA. In the US, TracPlus is used by government, military and private use for tracking, messaging and the monitoring of fleet. Our cloud-based common operating platform is used in many ways, from time-critical firefighting coordination to a communication and reporting tool for private organisations. TracPlus is the trusted name to support and improve any operations.

TracPlus offers aircraft and fleet tracking for some of the USA's most trusted organisations, including CalFire, California Highway Patrol, Lynden Air Cargo and Security Aviation.

TracPlus has a dedicated team in the USA, servicing those who need aircraft tracking, maritime tracking or a safety management tool for their ground fleet.

"TracPlus offers Lynden rock-solid, reliable flight tracking with unrestricted email size to any smart device in our flight deck, anytime, anywhere on earth,” - Joe Anderson, Lynden Air Cargo.


TracPlus goes beyond tracking

TracPlus is a tracking company first and foremost, but after years of innovation, we've crafted a product that not only tracks your team but helps coordinate missions, streamline business reporting, and enables your crews to stay connected with reliable messaging. 

Real-Time Tracking

Keep updated, in real-time, about the operational status of your fleet. Tracking your fleet via cellular and satellite significantly reduces a search area in case of emergency, and offers your organisation an advanced way to coordinate your fleet.

Reliable Messaging

Reliably message your team via text, email or through our app. Stay in contact with your team,  regardless of their location.

Event Alerting

With TracPlus, you can stay up-to-date with the status of your fleet. Receive notifications via text or email once a fleet takes off, lands, or any event that is relevant to your mission.

Mission Reports

Streamline business and reduce error with our Automated Mission Reports. At the end of a mission, a mission report can be automatically generated and emailed to the recipients of your choice, enhancing your organisation’s efficiencies and meeting contractual obligations.

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