RockAIR: Essential Technology for Modern Aviation Operators

When precision and reliability are paramount in aviation, the RockAIR LTE tracking device stands out as a crucial tool for over 1000 operators worldwide.

In an era where precision and reliability are paramount in aviation, the RockAIR tracking device stands out as a crucial tool for over 1000 aviation operators worldwide. This device is not just a tracker; it's an integrated solution for global communication, flight monitoring, and GPS tracking, enhancing the safety and efficiency of aviation assets.

Understanding the RockAIR

The RockAIR, a portable aircraft tracking device, is engineered to ensure seamless connectivity for aviation assets, meeting the rigorous standards set by the US Forest Service for automated flight following and the National Aerial Firefighting Centre's (NAFC) Operational Requirements 14. This device provides high-resolution tracking using advanced GPS technology, crucial for precise flight monitoring in demanding environments. Its standout feature is the dual Satellite/Cellular Tracking capability, which guarantees continuous tracking by deftly switching to satellite communication in areas beyond the reach of cellular networks. Certified and robust, the RockAIR is not just a tracking device; it's a dependable partner in aviation, fully equipped to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of firefighting and emergency services operations worldwide.

TracPlus and Ground Control: Pioneering the Development of RockAIR

TracPlus, in partnership with Ground Control, has been at the forefront of developing the RockAIR, exemplifying a commitment to innovation and excellence in aviation technology. This collaboration has brought forth a device that not only revolutionises aircraft tracking but also aligns seamlessly with the stringent requirements of aerial firefighting and emergency services. The joint effort between TracPlus and Ground Control in co-developing the RockAIR and RockAIR LTE reflects a shared vision to enhance safety and operational efficiency in aviation, particularly in mission-critical scenarios. This partnership underscores TracPlus's role as a leader in the field, dedicated to advancing technology that meets the highest standards of reliability and compliance.

Key Features of RockAIR

  • High-Resolution Tracking: Utilizes advanced GPS technology for accurate aircraft positioning.
  • Dual Tracking System: Seamlessly switches between cellular and satellite networks for consistent coverage.
  • Emergency Risk Management: Features emergency notification capabilities, promptly informing TracPlus and enabling swift response.
  • Reliable Two-Way Messaging: Supports communication via Iridium Satellite and cellular networks, ensuring constant connectivity.

Benefits for Aviation Operators

  • Global Connectivity: Offers seamless communication, vital for operators to maintain contact with their aircraft anywhere in the world.
  • Enhanced Safety: Real-time tracking and two-way messaging improve overall safety protocols.
  • Cost-Effective Tracking: Utilizes cost-efficient cellular networks, reducing monthly operational costs.
  • Compliance with Standards: Meets governmental requirements for real-time location and event data reporting, essential for contracts with agencies like NAFC & USFS.

The Dual Satellite/Cellular Tracking Advantage

The RockAIR’s unique dual tracking system ensures robust connectivity. Operating primarily on cellular networks for cost efficiency, it automatically switches to satellite tracking when out of cellular coverage, providing a fail-safe communication channel.

Enhancing Emergency Risk Management

In emergencies, RockAIR’s capacity to send distress signals to TracPlus is invaluable, enabling quick coordination and response. This feature is crucial for managing risk in challenging aviation environments.

RockAIR: A Versatile and Tested Solution

With FCC and CE certifications and compliance with DO160F and DO160G standards, the RockAIR is a testament to reliable performance in aviation. Its internal battery, Bluetooth connectivity, and digital inputs for user-defined events add to its versatility.

Future-Proofing with LTE RockAIR

As the telecommunications industry evolves, ensuring that our technology keeps pace is a priority for us at TracPlus. Recognising this, we introduced the LTE model of RockAIR at the end of 2022. Designed to be compatible with 4G networks, this model offers continued connectivity and cellular performance akin to what you've come to expect, seamlessly aligning with the ongoing network transitions. We understand that the shift to newer network technologies may not have seemed urgent initially. However, as the 3G shutdown progresses, the relevance of this upgrade becomes increasingly apparent. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and cost-effective transition for our users.

Conclusion: The RockAIR’s Role in Modern Aviation

The RockAIR is more than a tracking device; it's an integral component of modern aviation operations. Its technology and features make it indispensable for operators seeking to enhance safety, ensure compliance, and maintain global connectivity.

For more details on how RockAIR can benefit your operations, visit our RockAIR product page.

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