Hardware Spotlight: The Iridium Extreme

With complete text, email and voice call capabilities, built into a military-grade toughness case, the Iridium Extreme is one of the best satellite phones on the market.


When operating in the most remote regions of the globe, where cellular service is non-existent, interconnectivity becomes even more important. If something goes wrong, such as breaking a leg in a location without cellular service, the consequences could be deadly. Thankfully in the modern day, there are ways to make sure you always have a direct line of communication to the outside world, no matter how remote you are.

For those operators seeking these advanced features, this is where the Iridium Extreme comes in. With complete text, email and voice call capabilities, built into a military-grade toughness case, the Iridium Extreme presents itself as one of the best satellite phones on the market.

Here we will cover the 3 key reasons that show why this is so—durability, connectivity and usability.

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To say the Iridium Extreme is designed for any situation is an understatement. Created specifically to function in extreme conditions, the Iridium Extreme is capable of being used in the farthest corners of the Earth.

With an IP65 rating, it is water-resistant and dust-proof. With additional shock resistance, it can certainly handle a beating, making it invaluable in remote, dangerous, and unpredictable terrain. The weather-resistant keypad, wind-resistant microphone, and diamonded treaded, tapered grip allow it to be usable at any time, in any place, no matter the conditions.



While the enhanced durability of the Iridium Extreme is great, it means nothing if the device doesn’t work. Through GPS-enabled services via Iridium’s global satellite network, it is capable of sending and receiving advanced messages from anywhere in the globe.

Where the Iridium Extreme really stands out is its advanced messaging capabilities. Being able to send and receive emails, texts, and phone calls, you are able to keep in direct contact with the outside world, even in the most remote settings. Up to 4 hours of talk time on a single charge allows you to focus on what matters more as well. The device has a 100-entry internal phonebook for storing phone numbers, email addresses, texts, and notes.

Utilising its GPS services the Iridium Extreme is also capable of location-based services through online tracking such as TracPlus Cloud. A programmable one-touch SOS button instantly sends your location and a request for emergency assistance when activated. This will cut down the response time in a potentially life-threatening situation drastically, improving the potential outcome and keeping remote operators alive.

A real-life example of this is how the Iridium Extreme is used by nomadic reindeer herders in remote Mongolia. The Tsaatan people live and roam freely throughout northern Mongolia. Their nomadic lifestyle means that they can oftentimes find themselves without access to emergency services, or the ability to contact those emergency services requesting aid or advice. Because of this lives have been lost. However, the Iridium Extreme now provides them with the ability to contact emergency services no matter the place or conditions they find themselves in.

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Thanks to its durability and connectivity, the Iridium Extreme makes sure that operators will never lose connection to the outside world, even in the farthest corners of the Earth. But is it usable? Thanks to a design centered around ease of use, it is.

Equipped with an intuitive 200-character display that is daylight-readable, while boasting a fully integrated backlight for nighttime viewing, the Iridium Extreme proves itself to be easy to use in any conditions. The weather-resistant keypad, wind-resistant microphone, and diamonded treaded, tapered grip also help further improve the usability of the device, no matter the conditions. The device also offers keypad and PIN lock options for added security.

In order to have a strong signal, regardless of conditions or location, the Iridium Extreme comes with an extendable, easy-to-use antenna that can be adjusted based on how it is being used to ensure a consistent, strong connection during calls. To further enhance the usability of the calling features, it has been designed with headset and hands-free capabilities allowing users the extra flexibility they may need.

These features are integrated into a compact, portable design for added convenience. This is the smallest Iridium phone ever designed with usability and convenience in mind for operators.


Overall, the Iridium Extreme is one of the premier satellite-based tracking products on the market. With a compact design, easy-to-use interface, and global connectivity all held together in a rugged, military-grade unit, this is a stand-out product that stands to provide a distinct operational advantage to anyone who utilises it. To summarise, we’ve provided a bullet-point list that highlights the main features making the Iridium Extreme one of the best satellite phones on the market.

Why the Iridium Extreme is one of the Best Products on the Market

  • Military-grade durability
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Shockproof
  • Advanced communication capabilities
    • SMS
    • Direct calls
    • Email
  • Location-based GPS service
  • Programmable one-touch SOS alert
  • Keypad and PIN lock options
  • Compact and portable
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

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