Keep your team safe and accounted for

TracPlus Cloud offers complete fleet situational awareness and allows operators to stay informed and connected — from cockpit, to office, to operations center.


Communicate with your team

Two-way communications via text, email and voice — ensuring you’re always connected to your fleet and crew, regardless of cellular coverage.


Meet regulatory standards

Instantly share the location and status of your assets in real-time to achieve better mission outcomes. TracPlus Cloud offers accurate engine run times for maintenance and billing, as well as HD flight paths for regulatory, contract and compliance reporting.

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Streamline your business

TracPlus Cloud makes business simpler. We offer automated mission reports that automatically identify your crew, cargo and role equipment. TracPlus Cloud automates flight information and data — saving your staff time, and ensuring information is not only accurate but secure.


Coordinate your fleet

TracPlus Cloud goes beyond tracking, and allows clients to coordinate missions safely and effectively. We offer company-wide situational awareness of your fleets’ location and status, ensuring the planning and implementation of each mission is streamlined and organized.


Trusted and established provider

TracPlus Cloud allows you to keep track of your team and clients 24/7, from anywhere in the world. We offer an Active Monitoring Service, wherein the software continuously scans for inconsistencies and alerts you if anything unexpected happens.

Trusted and established provider

TracPlus is an established and trusted tracking provider, working closely with 1000+ organisations such as LifeFlight, Coastguard, CALFire and St John.


I love that I can keep an eye on my team from anywhere in the world. And my team know they’re in safe hands.

Richard Mills, Manager of Heliworks

TracPlus Cloud Key Features

TracPlus Cloud makes it easy to manage your fleet, staff, and data to meet regulatory and contractual standards.

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