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AFDAU-T1: Increasing Accuracy on Aerial Firefighting Data

Australia just experienced its Black Summer bushfire siege, in which bushfires burned over 18 million hectares, killed 34 people directly and another 417 due to the aftereffects of bushfire smoke, while levelling more than 9,300 structures from June 2019 to May 2020.

michael archer

Michael Archer

Posted: August 19, 2020

Connecting Critical Operations — Choosing a Tracking Company in 2020

As technological platforms continue to evolve and advance, it is right that you should expect the same of your tracking solution. Your tracking provider should go the extra mile to supply your enterprise with a platform that empowers effective business management by giving your team the tools to take charge of operations. Here’s what you should look for in a tracking company in 2020.

Trevor Mcintyre

Trevor McIntyre

Posted: July 10, 2020

Technology’s Role in Multi-Agency Emergency Response

Whether it’s a mass casualty or severe natural disaster event, agencies are required to work alongside each other. And akin to their collaborative work ethic, first responders require technology that allows them to coordinate and communicate seamlessly with and between each other.

Christiene thompson

Christiene Thompson

Posted: July 6, 2020

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Creating Control Within Chaos — Navigating the Poles with Aviaaja Schluter 

From teaching Spanish in Venezuela, to working on ice, Aviaaja Schluter has lived a life full of adventure, and wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Aviaaja shares the challenges and unique experiences that she has been a part of working and navigating in the most remote (and frozen) locations around the world.

hayden profile

Hayden Johnston

Posted: June 26, 2020

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Alaska Division of Forestry: Dealing with the Coronavirus on the Last Frontier

Following a year in which 719 wildland fires burned 2.58 million acres, with several regions setting new records for high temperatures, low rainfall and fuel burnability characteristics, the Alaska Division of Forestry faces another daunting year, further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

michael archer

Michael Archer

Posted: May 28, 2020

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New Zealand Aviation — Growing Through Adversity

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many businesses in New Zealand and globally, and unfortunately, not all have got through this period unscathed. One of the hardest-hit industries is aviation, yet the industry is looking at ways to band together to reestablish operations and recover from the lockdown period.

hayden profile

Hayden Johnston

Posted: May 22, 2020

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Seeing Through Darkness — The Role of NVG in Nighttime Firefighting

Have you wondered how operators came to use NVG to fight fires? Or are you an operator who is interested in integrating NVG into your business? Our Ebook identifies the benefits and the costs of using this incredible technology in the cockpit.