Complete fleet situational awareness

TracPlus goes beyond tracking. We offer company-wide situational awareness of your fleet’s location and status, ensuring the planning and implementation of missions is a streamlined process.

Approved and recognised tracking and communication provider

TracPlus offers accurate airborne and engine run times for maintenance and billing, as well as HD flight paths for regulatory, contract and compliance reporting.

Mission reports designed for aviation

TracPlus utilises cellular and satellite networks to automatically transmit data in real time to the office without the need for pilot intervention — saving your staff time and ensuring accurate data. At the conclusion of a flight, TracPlus automates a mission report, as well as automatically identifies your crew, cargo and role equipment.

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Keep your team safe and accounted for

TracPlus allows you to keep track of your team and clients 24/7, from anywhere in the world. We offer Automatic Monitoring Service (AMS), wherein the software continuously looks for unexpected events and alerts you if anything untoward happens.

Cost-effective solution

TracPlus’ FastTrac feature offers 15-second satellite tracking at cellular tracking prices, as well as bundled airtime plans for lower per-hour cost. Our pricing plans are transparent, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Transform Your Aviation Business

We know each and every aviation business is unique. Our goal is to make sure you’re equipped with the best software and aviation tracking hardware to run your business simply and cost-effectively.

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