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TracPlus was developed in response to an avoidable tragic event. This event highlighted the need for a solution that could allow operational data to be shared with first responders to better plan, communicate and coordinate their activities.

We realised that you risk losing the lives of your team in emergency situations by failing to install a reliable tracking and communications system.

This event and subsequent customer insight informs how we create our product — helping customers achieve superior outcomes without forcing them to adapt how they work best.

Our goal is to remove unnecessary barriers to collaboration — ensuring that efficient communication between operators is accessible and reliable. We’re proud to champion the vision of an interconnected ecosystem of customers, manufacturers, complementary service providers and solutions that work seamlessly together.

Our cloud-based platform has been developed to deliver situational awareness to first responders, irrespective of who owns the asset, what the asset is, who provides the tracking, or what the platform or signal type is — be it radio, cellular or satellite.

Intelligently Connected. Always Discoverable.

We pride ourselves on providing robust, real-time tracking, voice and messaging software across aviation, maritime and land-based markets. Our services are bolstered by our dedicated support team, who operate a manned emergency escalation service. We support our customers to remove the stress of having to worry about whether mission-critical information is available to the right people at the right time. 

Not only do we offer our customers a reliable tracking service, but our cloud-based software allows operators to do their job more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

We are trusted by 700+ customers in 44 countries around the world with over 6,500,000 flight hours recorded in our systems.

We believe in innovation and constantly seek to engage with industry players so that we are at the forefront of meeting their rapidly changing needs in an increasingly challenging environment.

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At TracPlus, we're transforming the tracking and communication industry. Our focus is to collaborate with the world's best thinkers, creators and technologists to make the world a safer place.

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