This event and subsequent customer insight informs how we create our product — helping customers achieve superior outcomes without forcing them to adapt how they work best. With our head office being based in New Zealand, we regularly work alongside leading first responders, Coastguard and aviation organisations to ensure TracPlus is meeting our customers' needs in New Zealand, and beyond.

Marine, Fleet and Aircraft Tracking in New Zealand

TracPlus is a trusted asset tracking provider for aviation, maritime and land-based vessels in New Zealand.

TracPlus offers aircraft and fleet tracking for some of New Zealand’s most trusted organisations such as St John, New Zealand Air Rescue, Coastguard and Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

We cover those operating in firefighting, air rescue, tourism, agricultural operations, mining and coastguard to name a few.

“Aircraft tracking has made our lives easier, and our jobs safer. We cannot and would not be without it. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.” Richard Mills, Heliworks Queenstown Helicopters

TracPlus goes beyond tracking

Real-Time Tracking in cellular and satellite

TracPlus allows you to track your fleet and crews in real-time. TracPlus allows you to track your aircraft in either satellite and cellular, automatically switching to satellite tracking when you’re out of cellular range. This technology is hugely cost-effective as you only for paying for satellite tracking when you’re not in cellular range.


Reliably message your team via text, email or through our app. Stay in contact with your team,  regardless of their location.

Event Alerting

With TracPlus, you can stay up-to-date with the status of your fleet. Receive notifications via text or email once an aircraft takes off, lands, or any event that is relevant to your mission. Our Event Alerting feature is popular with air medical customers, flight schools, aerial firefighting operators and tourism operators.

Mission Reports

Streamline business and reduce error with our Automated Mission Reports. At the end of a mission, a mission report can be automatically generated and emailed to the recipients of your choice, enhancing your organisation’s efficiencies and meeting contractual obligations.

Status Boards

Created originally for St John Air Desk, Status Boards allow you to maintain situational awareness at a glance. Status Boards present an up-to-date summary of the status of all of your assets.

“The flight following capability is just superb for looking after the coordination and dispatch of St John’s 30 Rescue Helicopters and 3 fixed-wing aircraft throughout New Zealand. We would like to thank TracPlus for all of the support it has provided the National Air Desk and its staff.”

TracPlus In Action

TracPlus in Action

One of our founding customers, Helicopters Otago Limited have been TracPlus Customers since 2007 and helped lead product testing in the years leading up to our launch. Heli Otago have grown significantly since beginning with one hire helicopter, to now owning and operating one of the largest helicopter operations in New Zealand. With nearly 30 years experience in the aviation industry, Graeme Gale and Helicopters Otago are a wealth of knowledge and are dedicated to supplying clients a professional business for air charter, air rescue and commercial services throughout the South Island.


With increasing cellular coverage and quality around the country, we’re saving up to 70% of our tracking bill thanks to the RockAIR.

Graeme Gale, Otago Helicopters

Your contact in New Zealand

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Contact Me

0800 872 275 - Dial 2

Simon Barton

Australia & NZ Business Manager

As the Business Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Simon spends his time talking with customers, prospects and resellers about TracPlus and their businesses. He does everything from facilitating support request, to presentations, and building business cases for corporate clients.

Simon’s work life has seen many twists and turns with over 40 years of aviation experience. He has served time overseas in the Navy, been a Surf Life Saver, a Volunteer Firefighter and worked with St John Ambulance to establish their Air Desk. Simon's extensive work history makes him extremely relatable to our customers - helping to identify and solve their pain points with the best suited solutions.