Fleet Tracking and Messaging

TracPlus pairs the world’s best tracking devices with our industry-leading software to allow you to manage, view and track your aircraft, vessels or assets in real-time. Keep in touch with your team via messaging and email, even when out of cellular range.

TracPlus Goes Beyond Tracking

Beyond tracking and messaging, TracPlus streamlines business and saves administration time with Automated Mission Reports, Status Boards and our Active Monitoring Service. Learn more about our features.

Aircraft tracking in America

TracPlus offers aircraft and fleet tracking for some of America’s most trusted organisations, including CalFire, California Highway Patrol, Lynden Air Cargo and Entergy.

TracPlus has a dedicated team in the USA, servicing those who need aircraft tracking, maritime tracking or a safety management tool for their ground fleet.

TracPlus In Action

Lynden Air Cargo

Lynden Air Cargo operates a major global operation out of Anchorage Alaska, providing scheduled service throughout Alaska and charter flights to or from anywhere in the world.

We installed DZMx tracking devices inside their entire fleet to meet their needs of transmitting large email files to their airplanes.

Now they have highly reliable flight tracking with unrestricted email size to/from any smart device, anytime, anywhere on earth to ensure the success and safety of their often, mission-critical, operations.


TracPlus offers Lynden rock-solid, reliable flight tracking with unrestricted email size to any smart device in our flight deck, anytime, anywhere on earth.

Joe Anderson, Lynden Air Cargo

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Aircraft Tracking in USA

Learn how ROTAK Helicopters, Alaska, use TracPlus to reliably track their helicopters.

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