TracPlus provides endless benefits for tourism operators — from tracking and safety to the organization of your fleet.

Peace of mind

Stay in touch and keep track of your team at all times, regardless of their location. Offer your clients peace of mind, especially when exploring remote locations.


Reliable and accurate tracking, in any terrain and location.


Eliminate uncertainty and disorganization by knowing the exact location of your aircraft. TracPlus offers accurate travel and engine run times for maintenance and billing, as well as travel paths for regulatory, contract and compliance reporting.


TracPlus goes beyond tracking. We offer company-wide situational awareness of your fleet’s location and status, ensuring the planning and implementation of missions is a streamlined process. Know exactly when your team are set to take off and return so you can schedule clients accordingly. 

TracPlus In Action

South Pacific Helicopters

The team at South Pacific Helicopters switched to TracPlus primarily so they could run a safer operation. They run the TracPlus app on their iPads, computers, and phones, so they have the ability to flight follow and check the status of their aircraft from anywhere.

As a tourism company, reliable tracking and communication is vital for their business. TracPlus helps South Pacific Helicopters streamline their business, offering their team and clients critical peace of mind.


We decided to switch over to TracPlus because we wanted a tracking system that gave an updated position every 15 seconds, as opposed to our old tracking system which only did every 2 minutes.

Hine King, Sales & Marketing Manager

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