TracPlus offers numerous benefits for workers located in remote or hazardous environments.

Peace of mind

Ensure peace of mind and remain compliant with corporate safety and health requirements by reliably tracking your team's location and status at all times, regardless of regional communications infrastructure, or lack thereof.

Distress monitoring and notifications

With our world-leading distress monitoring and notification system, you will be the first notified in the event of any incident so that you can respond immediately and effectively, as well as maintaining operational oversight in any emergency response operation.

Global voice, data and messaging

TracPlus uses the latest in GPS and satellite/cellular networks to ensure that you have the most accurate and up to date tracking, messaging and communications capabilities possible, anywhere in the world. As an Iridium-approved provider, we can provide all your satellite voice, data, messaging and tracking needs in one system and on one easy-to-read monthly invoice.


TracPlus is more than a tracking service provider. With inbound data feeds from most major tracking service providers, we can deliver a single, unified view of all subcontracted air, ground and maritime assets, regardless of the tracking service provider. Complete, real-time project oversight and asset management without having to incur the cost of deploying additional hardware. So long as your subcontractors use any of the following services, you can track and monitor them:

  • Skytrac
  • Latitude Technologies
  • Guardian Mobility
  • Sky Connect
  • Spidertracks
  • V2Track
  • Honeywell EMS

Advanced Tracking For Remote Locations

Ensure your team are safe and accounted for with advanced tracking and communication solutions designed for remote and hazardous environments.

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