TracPlus offers aerial firefighters and ground crews endless benefits, including data capture, tracking, messaging, and complete fleet coordination.

Meet reporting requirements

TracPlus provides industry-leading Additional Telemetry Unit (ATU) solutions for meeting event reporting requirements set by agencies like the US Forest Service and NAFC.

Peace of mind

Stay in touch and keep track of your team at all times, regardless of their location. Offer your team peace of mind, so they know they're continually and actively monitored when working in remote and treacherous locations.


Firefighting is a high-risk industry. Reliable communication is key to saving lives, property and keeping firefighters safe in challenging operations. Through reliable voice, text, email and flight form capabilities, TracPlus keeps firefighting operators connected and informed — offering all the tools needed for effective and safe operations in harsh environments.  


Accuracy and precision are key to successful outcomes in firefighting operations. Tracplus is a real-time view and communication platform that offers aerial and land-based crews the tools to make informed decisions and execute with precision and certainty.


Coordinate and manage firefighting aircraft on a single platform, regardless of the tracking service provider or hardware used. TracPlus offers integration of tracking and firefighting event data from all major aviation tracking systems so that operators can keep their preferred tracking provider and still remain compliant with national firefighting contracts.

TracPlus In Action

Kestrel Aviation

Kestrel Aviation is a leading provider of specialist aviation services to corporate and government organizations Australia-wide and overseas.


TracPlus has changed the reporting of intelligence completely. It registers the exact location of where we pick up water, and how many litres we’re picking up. It’s tracking us to and from the fire. That way, the command centre can see how effective we are as it determines what our turn around times are.

Ray Cronin, Kestrel Aviation

Enhance Crew Safety

Learn how TracPlus can help you track, monitor and manage your team for greater safety and efficiencies.

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