TracPlus has been developed specifically for energy and utility companies, with features that not only allow their teams to be safe, but that increase mission success.

In addition to providing our own hardware to energy and utility companies, TracPlus offers full integration with multiple third party tracking providers like Spidertracks, V2, Garmin, Latitude, Sky Connect and Blue Sky for example. This means that no matter what hardware you or your contractors use, our solution enables full command and control for all assets servicing your needs.

Our software includes operational status boards, forms, mission reports and automated manifest reporting — enabling you to better allocate resourcing to key projects based on resource skills, equipment availability and proximity. This ensures you have the right people and equipment dispatched from the nearest position at the right time.

Emergency Monitoring

TracPlus offers Remote Worker Monitoring which is supported and backed by a 24/7 support team that are monitoring alerts and advising your business of any emergency events. TracPlus’ Support Team also facilitates the sharing of information with rescue agencies when required.

Monitor Your Fleet

TracPlus offers a total solution for managing your fleet and people — including communications, vehicle tracking, sign-in/sign-out functionality as well as emergency alerting and personnel tracking all whilst off the cellular grid.

Increased Safety in High-Risk Conditions

TracPlus allows your business to deliver on a world-class Occupational Health and Safety solutions, regardless of the location of teams and assets.

Enhanced Communications in Remote Locations

High-risk workers require a reliable, simple and unrestricted communication and messaging platform. TracPlus devices offer messaging via both cellular and satellite, therefore when working in remote locations, communication is not compromised. Additionally, in the event of a cellular network failure, satellite communications will allow your team to stay connected.

Advanced Tracking For Remote Locations

Ensure your team are safe and accounted for with advanced tracking and communication solutions designed for remote and hazardous environments.

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