We help first responders do their jobs effectively so they can concentrate on their safety and the mission at hand.

Peace of mind

TracPlus allows you to keep a close watch on your air rescue crews no matter where they are operating — and if your attention is needed elsewhere, our world leading Active Monitoring Service will alert you if an incident occurs.

Trusted and established provider

TracPlus has been trusted by air rescue operators throughout the world for over a decade. By seamlessly integrating tracking and event data from aircraft, vessels, vehicles and personnel, we provide an enhanced level of real-time situational awareness between operators and agencies.

Complete solution

TracPlus provides a complete solution to your real-time tracking, event, voice and messaging needs. As a full Iridium VAR with Location Based Services (LBS), satellite data and voice and Push-To-Talk approvals, TracPlus can provide all of your cellular and satellite communications requirements for your whole fleet with an easy-to-read monthly invoice.

Secure and flexible sharing

Because first responders often work together and at very short notice, TracPlus makes it easy to securely share tracking data with other operators' agencies. Regardless of the systems used by other parties, TracPlus allows you to communicate and connect in rapidly evolving and dynamic emergency situations. TracPlus acts as a unifying platform, allowing operators and agencies to effortlessly collaborate and coordinate their efforts to achieve better mission outcomes.

TracPlus ensures aeromedical operators can get their work done safely and effectively so they can continue to selflessly serve their communities.

TracPlus In Action


TracPlus is the tracking and communication provider for some of the world’s most established aeromedical operators, including LifeFlight, CareFlight and St John Air Desk.

TracPlus allows the CareFlight team to organize their growing fleet, and ensure their team is safe and accounted for in remote terrain.

CareFlight run TracPlus on the boards in their mission centres continuously — this is the way they track both their aircraft and ground vehicles. TracPlus allows their crews to know and understand where a vehicle is, and also where it’s been, so they can plan out their jobs effectively.


For us, TracPlus is an essential tool because we fly in some of the most remote areas of Australia, and some of the most remote areas in the world that have a helicopter responding to them.

Greg Ohlsson, Fleet Manager

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