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Empower your flight school with real-time tracking, ensuring the utmost safety for every student in the skies. With TracPlus, monitor every training flight, respond promptly to any challenges, and elevate the learning experience with advanced flight analytics.

Confidence in Every Lesson

Grant instructors the peace of mind to focus on teaching, knowing each student is constantly monitored. 

You're in good company

TracPlus is trusted by 700+ customers in 45 countries around the world. 


Benefits of TracPlus for flight schools

TracPlus helps your students learn

Help your students get the most out of their flying time using post-flight analysis with our flight following software. With TracPlus, your instructors and students can review any flight on screen, as well as automatically receive flight reports showing track flown as well as altitude, terrain, track and speed graphs, with highly accurate flight and engine run times.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

As a Flight Training provider, the safety of your students is your greatest concern. TracPlus helps to keep your students, and your reputation, safe by providing accurate real-time tracking on every solo flight with position reporting every 15 seconds — that’s a search area of less than one square kilometre.

TracPlus helps you do more,
with less

You need a tracking partner who understands that every dollar counts. Our portable tracking devices can be easily switched between aircraft. With unlimited tracking in cellular coverage, there’s no need to turn off tracking in the circuit. To cut costs further, you can suspend tracking at the press of a button. This is all backed by the lowest cost-per-hour airtime plans in the industry, and lease options that mean no upfront capital cost. Because of this, TracPlus is the ultimate flight school software on the market.


Christchurch Helicopters 

Christchurch Helicopters are long-standing customers of TracPlus. TracPlus is important for their operations — notably any contractual work they undertake, such as firefighting or rescue, as well as managing their flight training school. TracPlus helps Christchurch Helicopters to organise their growing fleet and ensure their team, students and clients are accounted for and safe.

“TracPlus not only allows us to keep our students safe, but it’s a vital training tool here at Christchurch Helicopters. Unfortunately, when students are learning to fly, they make mistakes, such as busting airspace or infringing areas they shouldn't be. With TracPlus, I can go back and show students exactly where they went wrong, and how to improve next time.”

Kevin Walsh, Flight Training Manager


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