Beyond real-time tracking, capture detailed volume drop data to enhance reporting and optimise your operations. TracPlus ensures precision, efficiency, and safety at every step.

Empowering Agricultural Operations with Precision Tracking.

TracPlus continuously monitors agricultural operators for contractual and billing purposes while keeping costs down.


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Benefits of TracPlus for agriculture

Justice scale
Accurate event and weight data

TracPlus allows agricultural operators to capture and transmit data in real-time, including engine start/stop, aircraft tracking data, take off and landing, making accurate data recording easy and automatic. With Flightcell DZMx’s smart load cell data interface, agricultural operators can also record weight per lift, before the aircraft even gets airborne. The DZMx can also record job and daily totals as well as pilot duty times.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

TracPlus allows you to keep a close watch on your 'Ag' pilots and loader drivers no matter where they are operating — and if your attention is needed elsewhere, our world-leading Active Monitoring Service will alert you if an incident occurs.

Piggy bank
Significant cost savings

To save costs, pilots using a RockAIR can suspend regular satellite tracking when flying in a known area, such as when within sight of a loader driver. And if the pilot forgets to resume tracking at the end of a long day, the RockAIR will automatically resume tracking for the transit flight back to base.


Central AirWork

Central Airwork is based in rural Victoria, Australia.

The team operate in some extremely remote locations, however, they do spend a lot of time back and forward in places that do have cellular coverage. To save costs, but to ensure the team were always traceable when they did venture into more remote locations, TracPlus and the RockAIR were an obvious option.

“We spend 3/4 of our flying time in cellular range, and needed regular 15-second tracking to keep our team safe if anything untoward happened, but also for compliance.”

Mark Brooker, Chief Pilot


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