TracPlus is an established and proven global tracking service, providing real-time tracking, event and messaging for aircraft, vehicles, vessels and personnel. TracPlus solutions can be installed without constraint on desktop, web and mobile devices.

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With the ability to choose tracking equipment and mapping software that fits your unique needs, TracPlus delivers unprecedented flexibility in meeting the specific requirements of commercial and private operators, NGOs and government organisations alike.

Our 24/7 emergency monitoring and notification service escalates incidents immediately, giving your operational and safety risk teams the confidence they need.



TracPlus supports a wide variety of customers, including private pilots, commercial operators with small fleets of aircraft, military and government agencies, and umbrella organizations. In recognition of this diversity, we have developed a fair and equitable pricing model that allows our customers to pay only for what they use, and no more.

Each tracking terminal has a base monthly fee. Owners of the terminals pay for their airtime according to reporting frequency, and users pay a fixed monthly fee to view data via a user code and concurrent access license (CAL) model. This model allows customers to install the TracPlus software on as many computers as desired. A user code may be shared among as many people as deemed appropriate; however, the maximum number of concurrent connections, for that user code cannot be exceeded.

This approach delivers the most cost effective, flexible and fairest pricing model possible.