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Skywork Helicopters

Skywork Helicopters is a family-owned business which has been running since 1996, running operations in remote areas across Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.


Here’s all the good stuff


Skywork Helicopters has been built around providing specialised support for remote operations. 

Operating with a fleet of 4 aircraft, they do diverse work such as precision lifting, infrastructure surveying, construction, maintenance, and heli-support for all types of industries in both populated and remote areas. On top of this, they also support search and rescue and aerial firefighting missions.



There’s been many times when TracPlus has provided us with assurance and peace of mind.


How the Skywork Helicopters use TracPlus

With TracPlus, Skywork are confident that their assets are always visible, no matter where they are. They are also able to quickly send and receive information in real-time, allowing them to stay up-to-date on the current operational requirements in any given situation.

TracPlus is also a key aspect of Skywork's invoicing procedures. By using the TracPlus reporting data, Skywork are able to check and validate their flying hours to ensure they're billing clients correctly.

Historical data from previous flights is also critical and often used in the planning of future flights thanks to its accuracy.

"I would say in this day and age, if you don't have a tracking system, you don’t really care about your people. For us it's about our people, not anything else. It’s about making sure we know where they are the whole time."


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