Why choose TracPlus and the RockAIR?

Support your customer base with advanced and trusted solutions.

For You:

Increase your monthly recurring revenue

TracPlus offers generous benefits to our resellers, so that supporting us is beneficial for you.

Endorse a reliable and trusted tracking provider

TracPlus supports some of the world’s most trusted organisations — so teams are always in reach, regardless of their location.

Know your clients will be supported

With our Active Monitoring Service, your customers will be supported 24/365, from anywhere in the world.

Offer your clients more

At TracPlus we go beyond tracking. Customers can reliably track, message, manage and monitor their fleet.

For your clients:

Cost-effective tracking

With the RockAIR’s dual satellite/cellular tracking capability, you only pay for satellite tracking when you’re out of cellular range.

Coordinate your fleet

TracPlus offers company-wide situational awareness of your fleets’ location and status, ensuring each mission is streamlined and organised.

Communicate with your team

Stay connected to your crew with two-way communications via text, email and voice.

Meet regulatory standards

Instantly share the location and status of your assets in real-time to achieve better mission outcomes.

Partner with TracPlus and Earn

We make it easy for you to become a TracPlus reseller. Simply enter your contact details below and we will help you set up an account.