• Eight times more detail than satellite tracking*
  • 50x smaller search areas in the event of an incident*
  • Use as much as you wish with no extra cost
  • Minimize use of bundled satellite messages
  • Automatically use 15-second cellular tracking where available
  • Automatically switch to 2-minute real time satellite tracking where necessary

*based on 2-minute satellite tracking and 15-second cellular tracking

tracking screen v3

How it works

Most TracPlus devices support both satellite and cellular networks and automatically switch between these networks as appropriate to achieve the most accurate and cost-effective tracking possible while ensuring global coverage via the Iridium satellite network.

When a tracked aircraft or vehicle is inside cellular coverage, the cellular tracker device will transmit position reports at 15-second intervals over GSM (Global System for Mobile communications). As it moves outside cellular coverage, the device will automatically change to transmit position reports either at a slower reporting rate (usually two minutes), or FastTrac if selected.

Any messages transmitted inside cellular coverage are included in all of our plans, with no per-message or overage charges.

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