How it works

Status Boards use information from GPS, custom forms, and identification systems to present an up to date summary of the status of all of your assets. Customized to your requirements, Status Boards can be easily shared with other businesses or organizations, regardless of their location. 

Individual assets can also be shared as needed with other agencies custom Status Boards, displaying only the information that you wish to share.

status board screen grey
status board tracplus


  • View fleet status at a glance, in real-time
  • Independent and integrated with mapping view
  • Automatic updates with forms and crew identification systems
  • Colour coded dispatch status
  • Enter notes against each asset
  • Common status board across multiple locations
  • Status boards can be customised to your specific needs

Status Boards can present:

  • Mission ID
  • Mission priority and type
  • Asset call sign and registration
  • Dispatch status
  • Point of departure
  • Destination
  • Estimated time of departure
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Flight status – airborne, landed
  • Current speed, altitude, or track
  • Most recent event of interest
  • Elapsed time since last report
  • and much more

Streamline Your Business

Learn how Status Boards can help you safely track, monitor and manage your team — from a single screen.

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