At the end of each mission, a Mission Report can be automatically generated and emailed to the recipients of your choice.

  • Automatic hands-free creation of multi-leg mission reports
  • Automatically emailed to chosen recipients
  • Support for custom forms
  • Support for crew, cargo and role equipment identification systems

How it works

At the start of a mission, your crew enters a mission number or presses a button to indicate the start of a mission. At the end of a mission, your crew presses a button to indicate the end of a mission.

At the completion of a mission, a mission summary report PDF document is automatically generated and emailed as required.

mission report example

View Mission Report

View a real-world example of a Mission Report

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Mission Reports Include

  • Mission ID
  • Asset make, model and registration
  • Description of route travelled
  • Distance travelled
  • Crew (if provided)
  • Cargo (if provided)
  • Role equipment (if provided)
  • Patient information (if provided)
  • Mission Type and Priority (if provided)
  • Map of route travelled
  • Altitude and Terrain Elevation vs Distance Travelled chart
  • Speed and Track vs Distance Travelled chart
  • Individual Leg Summaries and totals including
    • Leg number
    • Distance travelled
    • From (Location name and coordinates)
    • To (Location name and coordinates)
    • Rotor brake time (sensors required)
    • Multi-engine and single-engine run time (sensors required)
    • Airborne time (sensors required)
  • Overall Mission Summary including
    • Events of interest

Streamline Your Business

Mission Reports offer detailed post-flight analysis for training purposes or contractual reporting obligations.

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