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  • Save time and money by capturing mission information in real time
  • Reduce errors with easy to use forms with intelligent field completion
  • Use custom forms designed for your specific requirements
  • Automatically identify and transmit crew, cargo and role equipment information

How it works

By using the TracPlus App on your mobile device with a RockAIR, RockFLEET, RockSTAR or Flightcell DZMx, your crew can select, complete and transmit forms from anywhere in the world via cellular or satellite.

Forms can be public or private to your organization, and new or updated forms are automatically synced to smart devices using our unique FormSync technology.  

Using smart fields, crew workload is reduced by automatically populating fields with GPS, sensor or crew defined values, including automatic identification of  crew, cargo and role equipment using Bluetooth and RFID identification systems.

Completed forms can be viewed, emailed, or used to automatically update Mission Reports and Status Boards.

Streamline Your Business

Save time, money and minimise error with automated forms.

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