Active Monitoring Service (AMS)

AMS provides continuous monitoring of tracking data from your assets. If any asset unexpectedly stops transmitting, you will be alerted automatically.


  • Increased peace of mind
  • Active asset monitoring
  • Respond to emergencies even if a distress has not been activated
  • Better than traditional SAR time services
  • Crew controls when AMS is used
active monitoring service screen grey

How it works

At the start of a mission, your crew requests monitoring by pressing the AMS button.

At the safe conclusion of the mission, your crew cancels monitoring by pressing the AMS button again.

While being monitored, the tracking data from an asset is continuously and automatically analyzed. If tracking resumes while an asset is Of Concern or Overdue, a Stand Down message is sent to In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts, and any open distress incident is automatically closed.

If tracking stops unexpectedly, an Of Concern text message is sent to your ICE contacts after a preset time (e.g. 5 minutes). If tracking does not resume within a further preset time (e.g. another 5 minutes), an Overdue message is sent to your ICE contacts and a distress incident commences.

Manage Your Fleet

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