The Flightcell DZMx is easily customized and configured to enhance your operation. It provides extensive voice, data, ATU and tracking capabilities in a small and lightweight form-factor.


“I like the DZMx cellular tracking and TracPlus. When I look at it in the cockpit I understand what it’s doing, it’s very simple. It is definitely reliable and reliability is everything.”

Calvin Dorn

CEO, Owner, Director of Operations & Pilot

Continuous Oversight of Your Team

Stay connected with powerful voice, messaging and tracking capabilities.


Lower Tracking Costs with Dual-Mode Satellite and Cellular Tracking

Whether you go out of network range, make a call or send data, DZMx keeps on tracking by auto-switching to the best available option - satellite or cellular networks - significantly reduce your tracking costs.


Global Voice and Messaging Capability for Enhanced Communication

Connected to the Intercom (ICS) platform, Flightcell DZMx provides full global voice communications and two-way messaging capabilities.


Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth

Access the internet using cellular broadband data and connected smart devices and equipment.

Flightcell DZMx Features

  • Cabin and cockpit voice communications via satellite and cellular networks.
  • Dual mode GPS tracking via both Iridium satellite and 3G broadband networks.
  • Full global data coverage via Iridium narrowband and 3G broadband networks.
  • World-beating design packs twice the functionality into a box half the size


  • Optional 3G cellular modem
  • Removable Iridium 9505/9575 sat phone in Flightcell cradle
  • Up to two optional internal 9523 modems
  • Optional I/O board with up to 12 configurable digital/analog inputs
  • Antrim TSO GPS/Iridium antenna with 8130 certificate


DZMx Product Details

Dimensions 125mm x 55mm x 120mm (4.92″ x 2.16″ x 4.72″)
Weight 650gm (23oz) depending on configuration
Connectors DB25 (female), DB25 (male), TNC (x2), BNC
Inputs USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS432, RS485, ARINC 429
Outputs 2 general purpose outputs
Buttons 16 key backlit silicone keypad
Sensors GPS, 3 general purpose digital inputs, 2 general purpose analog inputs
Screen Type Monochromatic, NVIS B Compliance
Antennas External GPS, Iridium, Cellular (not included)
Casing/Housing Aluminum 6061
Input Voltage 12V-32V DC
Power Consumption Up to 750mA
Power Sources External
Satellite Network Iridium Voice, SMS and SBD
Cellular Network Cellular Voice, SMS and Data (with optional 3G modem)
Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Operating Environment <75% Relative Humidity
Environment Rating IP64 (Civ), IP65 (Mil)
Other Certifications DO160G

Give your team greater peace of mind

Learn how TracPlus and the DZMx can help you cost-effectively enhance the safety of your fleet.