Manual Distress Activation


The Manual Distress Activation is an integrated safety mechanism designed for immediate connectivity in emergencies.

The RockSTAR, RockDASH, RockAIR, RockFLEET, Iridium 9575, and Flightcell DZM hardware are all designed with a tactile button or interface to ensure easy access.

When activated, it sends out a high-priority signal to TracPlus's monitoring systems, which in turn triggers predefined emergency protocols. This feature is specifically engineered for high-reliability, ensuring that even in areas with limited connectivity or during adverse conditions, the distress signal transmission remains robust. 


Intuitive activation interface

Designed to be straightforward, ensuring that even under stress, the activation process remains simple.


Universal applicability

Whether airborne or grounded, the system is built to work in diverse scenarios, reducing the need for multiple systems or protocols.


Direct link to TracPlus

A dedicated channel ensures that distress signals are given priority, minimising delays.


Why Manual Distress Activation

  1. Enhanced safety culture: 
    Knowing they're always connected fosters an environment where teams feel valued and protected, boosting morale and confidence.
  2. Operational continuity: 
    Quick responses can mitigate larger crises, ensuring that operations face minimal disruptions.
  3. Stakeholder trust: 
    Clients, partners, and other stakeholders can operate with the assurance that in the face of adversity, TracPlus's Manual Distress Activation is always at hand.