Impact-Triggered Emergency Notification


Built with an onboard battery, our Rock systems are designed to ensure the safety of your staff at all times.

Even if external power sources fail, our systems continue their vigilant watch, providing an uninterrupted monitoring experience. With advanced technology, they are capable of auto-detecting high G-impact events, immediately triggering vital distress signals. 

This system integrates advanced motion and impact sensors into our RockSTAR, RockAIR, RockDASH, and RockFLEET devices. When these sensors detect sudden and intense G-force impacts, which often correlate with accidents or other emergencies, the device automatically sends out a distress signal. This automatic notification system functions independent of the device's main power source, thanks to its onboard battery, ensuring its operational integrity even if primary power systems fail. Alerts triggered by these sensors are treated with high priority, prompting immediate checks and subsequent response mechanisms.


Self-powered assurance

Onboard battery ensures that TracPlus devices remain active and alert even when other power sources fail.


Advanced impact detection

Advanced sensors ensure genuine alerts by detecting high G-impacts, minimising false alarms.


Immediate notification

Upon detecting an event, the system sends alerts swiftly, keeping all relevant parties informed.


Why Impact-Triggered Emergency Notification

  1. Enhanced reliability: 
    A system that doesn’t go offline when most needed, enhancing trust in the technology.
  2. Holistic safety net: 
    Complements manual alert mechanisms, ensuring that no distress scenario goes unnoticed.
  3. Stakeholder confidence: 
    Reinforces trust with stakeholders, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to safety regardless of external challenges.