Emergency Response Protocol


TracPlus's Emergency Response Protocol connects individuals in distress to trained emergency responders.

When a distress signal is activated, it's routed to our control centre, where dedicated personnel assess the situation.

They use real-time data, voice communication, and any other available resources to understand the scenario better and provide immediate, informed advice or instructions. Their training encompasses a range of emergency scenarios, ensuring that they can guide organisations effectively until more comprehensive assistance arrives.


Direct human communication

Immediate connection with a real person trained to handle emergency situations.


Tailored responses

Rather than one-size-fits-all automated messages, each situation is assessed and addressed individually.


Streamlined information relay

Efficient and effective transfer of vital information to all necessary parties.


Why Emergency Response Protocol

  1. Reduced response time:
     Quick and efficient communication can make the difference in emergency outcomes.
  2. Enhanced confidence: 
    Operators can trust that there's always someone on the other end, ready to support.
  3. Emotional reassurance: 
    Beyond tactical support, the presence of a human voice can be comforting and grounding in distressing scenarios.