Receive satellite tracking at cellular speeds via our burst-mode. FastTrac offers improved flight tracking by taking a GPS fix at 15-30 second intervals but keeps satellite costs down by transmitting multiple reports in bursts, every 1-2 minutes.

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Discover FastTrac, the latest innovation in satellite tracking technology, exclusively for RockAir, RockDASH, and RockFLEET devices.

This advanced feature redefines accuracy, capturing GPS positions every 15 seconds – an 800% increase in data points compared to standard two-minute intervals. Yet, it's not just about more data; it's about smarter data usage. FastTrac bundles these frequent updates and transmits them in efficient two-minute bursts, increasing satellite message consumption by only about 25%.

This means you get higher-frequency detailed, near-real-time tracking information at 75% less cost.

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How FastTrac Works

Advanced Data Collection

High-Frequency GPS Positioning: FastTrac is engineered to capture GPS positions at 15-second intervals. This rapid data collection method is crucial for providing a granular and highly accurate depiction of movements, a significant enhancement over standard two-minute interval tracking.

Innovative Data Transmission

Burst Transmission Technology: FastTrac utilises a sophisticated burst mode for transmitting data. Instead of sending each 15-second GPS fix separately, it bundles numerous fixes into a single transmission every 1-2 minutes. This method significantly reduces the need for constant satellite communication, thereby conserving bandwidth and reducing costs.

Intelligent Software Integration

Seamless Cloud and App Connectivity: FastTrac is seamlessly integrated with TracPlus Cloud and TP Connect. This integration allows for user-friendly activation and customisation of tracking settings, ensuring that FastTrac adapts to the specific needs of different operational profiles, be it in aviation, maritime, or land-based environments.

Data Management and Reporting

Integration with Analytical Tools: The data collected by FastTrac is compatible with a range of analytical and reporting tools. This compatibility allows for sophisticated post-mission analysis and reporting, providing valuable insights for operational review and decision-making processes.

Cost Efficiency

Optimised Satellite Message Consumption: Despite the higher data collection frequency, FastTrac only increases satellite message usage by about 25%. This makes it a highly cost-effective solution, especially considering the substantial increase in tracking detail and accuracy.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting Stringent Standards: FastTrac’s detailed and frequent tracking data aids in complying with rigorous regulatory and contractual requirements that demand more frequent data reports, making it an indispensable tool for operations needing to meet high compliance standards.


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