Trotter Datavault

DataVault is an open, high performance data acquisition, telemetry, logging, tracking, and control solution.


Simplifying the Collection and Reporting of Critical Event Data

DataVault is a trusted data acquisition, telemetry, logging, tracking, and control solution for aerial firefighters.


Real-time Transmission of Operational Data

DataVault transmits location and event data to fire services in real-time, offering greater situational awareness of any operation.


Complete Telemetry Capture for Advanced Reporting

DataVault enables operators to easily comply with the increasingly stringent reporting needs of authorities worldwide. Information such as locations of start/end of drop, GPS path of drop, amount of retardant dropped, Drop Mode, Engine Start/Stop, Takeoff/Landing and more can be reliably collected and reported.


Easy Installation and Simple Instrument Interface

DataVault is easily installed into your aircraft, and once installed, offers a simple instrument interface in a busy cockpit environment.


  • Time or Distance based location tracking (pilot selectable)
  • High resolution 10Hz data logging with internal SD Card storage
  • Reporting tools for in-depth data analysis
  • Monitor user I/O with alerts
  • USB Flash-drive for data transfer
  • Developed to exceed NAFC / USFS reporting requirements
  • Pre-programmed bi-directional Air to Ground messaging (with optional Message Interface)
  • Pilot display of linearized tank contents, fuel level or other parameters (with Message Interface)
  • Outputs for control of solenoid and proportional valves / devices
  • Fully configurable for various applications


  • Milspec USB Flashdrive Housing kit –  standard
  • GPS/Sat antenna kit – standard
  • I/O expansion cards – optional
  • Message Interface (under development) – optional


Trotter DataVault Product Details

Dimensions 188mm x 188mm x 63mm (7 3/8″ x 7 3/8″ x 2 1/2″)
Weight 1.8kg (4 lbs)
Connectors Amphenol automotive, M12, mircroUSB, SMA
Inputs Standard: 2 serial, 4 analog, 4 digital (configurable); Pro: 2 serial, 8 analog, 8 digital (configurable); XM-Pro: 2 serial, 8 analog, 16 digital (configurable) ? requires ext GPS / Sat Modem
Outputs "Standard: 2 serial, 4 digital (3.5A, +30 Volts, internally protected); Pro: 8 digital (3.5A, +30Volts, internally protected); XM-Pro: 2 serial, 16 digital (3.5A, +30Volts), 4 proportional valve drivers"
Buttons 5 button navigation interface, 4x4 keyboard - optional
Indicators 17 status LEDs
Sensors GPS, Accelerometer and Gyro, Internal Thermometer, Power Loss / Batt. Voltage
Screen Type Sunlight readable monochromatic backlit LCD
Antennas External GPS and Iridium
Casing/Housing Aluminum
Input Voltage 18-36V DC
Power Consumption 14w Max (Transmitting)
Power Sources External
Battery Life n/a
Satellite Network Iridium SBD via 9602 modem
Cellular Network n/a
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Operating Environment <75% Relative Humidity
Environmental Rating IP65
Other Certifications n/a

Simplifying the Collection and Reporting of Vital Event Data

Learn how TracPlus and Trotter Datavault can simplify the collection and reporting of aerial firefighting operations.