For Rotary Aircraft

AFDAU-T1 is the world’s first automatic bucket calibration and digital data collection tool, simplifying data collection and reporting for aerial firefighters.

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Giving Aerial Firefighters That Extra Edge


Automatic data collection for accurate reporting

AFDAU-T1 accurately and efficiently records information on bucket operations, including bucket capacity, volume dropped, engine start/stop, aircraft takeoff/landings.


Simplifies accurate calibration of buckets

AFDAU-T1 automatically calibrates your bucket to ensure accuracy, safety and efficiency. Minimal pilot interaction is required, even when swapping buckets in a slung load configuration.


Easy installation and minimal pilot input

AFDAU-T1 is easily installed into your aircraft, and once installed, requires minimal pilot input in a busy cockpit.


Paired with RockAIR, meets NAFC Standard OPS-14 requirements

AFDAU-T1, paired with RockAIR, meets NAFC Standard requirements on tracking, event data collection and messaging.


Data securely stored and displayed with TracPlus

Paired with RockAIR, AFDAU-T1 seamlessly and securely sends operational data through cellular/satellite to your TracPlus account for easy analysis and reporting.


Reliable, accurate and cost-effective

AFDAU-T1 is a cost-effective solution to capturing reliable and accurate operational data.

“In 2018, we started to trial AFDAU-T1 in one of our BK117's. We had been looking for an alternate and cost-effective solution to meet our contractual firefighting needs and saw the TracPlus/AFDAU-T1/RockAIR combination as a possible solution. We’ve now collected data using AFDAU-T1 through one very busy fire season and the results have been outstanding. We are now planning to upgrade our legacy systems through the fleet.”

jim norrie head shot

Jim Norrie

United Aero Helicopters

Simplify Reporting to NAFC

Paired with RockAIR, AFDAU-T1 meets NAFC Standard OPS-14 requirements on tracking, event data collection, and messaging

Fill/Drop Event





Events reported automatically to NAFC’s ARENA software include:

  • Real-time GPS position reporting and tracking
  • Engine start/stop
  • Takeoffs/landings
  • Fill, drop-start and drop-stop, including the volumes for each drop

“NAFC has followed the development of the AFDAU-T1 unit closely and are encouraged to see this equipment become available for Firefighting Aircraft in Australia. NAFC is pleased that there is now an additional device on the market for operators wishing to fulfil contractual event reporting requirements, particularly the difficult task of reporting firefighting bucket fill and drop volumes.”

Andrew Matthews

National Aerial Firefighting Centre

“These old systems were hugely costly to purchase, and even more costly to an operator when they fail in the middle of a busy firefighting season. We created AFDAU-T1 to be affordable, easy-to-use, and to reliably capture accurate data to minimize risk of non-payment. With AFDAU-T1, everything is automated.”

Zane Vohland

AFDAU-T1 Lead Engineer

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