El RockFLEET fue originalmente diseñado exclusivamente para la industria marítima. Hoy en día se utiliza en barcos, yates, automóviles, camiones y otros medios de transporte. El RockFLEET tiene una variedad de opciones de montaje, es impermeable y resistente, lo que lo convierte en un dispositivo muy robusto.


“RockFLEET and TracPlus are safety tools that give us peace of mind. The radio operator will always know where our crews are. If we become lost, we know we can be located.”

John Jones

Mandurah Water Rescue


Reliable Satellite and Cellular Tracking

RockFLEET GSM utilizes the Iridium Satellite Network and cellular networks, ensuring your team is always connected. Tracking intervals can be predetermined; every minute, or every 12 hours.


Rugged and Durable Design

Designed to withstand the world’s most harsh conditions, RockFLEET GSM is the perfect tracking partner for those working in remote and high-risk locations. RockFLEET GSM’s internal backup battery will last for up to 2 weeks, if engine input fails.


Bluetooth Ability to Enable Messaging Functionality

RockFLEET GSM can connect to Bluetooth to enable advanced functionalities including messaging, generating distress notifications and device troubleshooting.