RockAIR es el dispositivo más completo de categoría portátil que proporciona rasytreamiento y comunicación global para aeronaves. Totalmente probado para los estándares DO160G, el RockAIR ofrece rastreo de alta resolución, mensajes bidireccionales y formularios definidos por el usuario a través de redes satelitales y celulares entre otras caracaterísticas.


"We have noticed considerable savings with RockAIR and love the 15-second reporting, which is far more accurate."

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Daniel Stevenson

Owner and Pilot


Dual Satellite/Cellular Tracking

RockAIR offers real-time location tracking through GPS technology. The RockAIR tracks in cellular, but automatically switches to satellite tracking when you lose cellular coverage — ensuring your team is always connected. RockAIR’s cellular tracking functionality is significantly cheaper than satellite-only tracking, significantly reducing monthly billing.


Emergency Risk Management

If an emergency notification is signalled via the RockAIR, TracPlus will receive this distress and notify your team via in-app notifications, text messages and/or a phone call — allowing you to quickly handle an emergency responsively and effectively. To assist your team further, TracPlus can share vital information and data with rescue agencies when required.


Reliable Two-Way Messaging

RockAIR offers reliable two-way messaging via the Iridium Satellite and cellular networks, compatible with any cellphone, email, TracPlus software or other devices. Send short messages, emails or social media updates, wherever you are, even when out of mobile network range.