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James Tayler
  • "If you want the ability to keep track of your assets and the flexibility to be able to respond to things quickly, then TracPlus is a very powerful tool that allows you to do that in your organisation."
  • James Tayler
  • Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter
Greg Carter
  • "The fact that we can monitor exactly where our park rangers are and what they’re doing means we can always respond with the necessary assistance they may need."
  • Greg Carter
  • Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service
Matthew Orton
  • “The live tracking provided by TracPlus helps us to ensure safe distances are achieved between helicopters and drones, while also giving great situational awareness of all operations in the region.”
  • Matthew Orton
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
Brian Guthrie
  • "TracPlus has given us the ability to have operational control very accurately, and consistently over many years now. Without TracPlus, we wouldn’t be able to achieve operational control."
  • Brian Guthrie
  • RACQ LifeFlight Rescue