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No large upfront cost outlay

Upgrade to the latest in tracking technology without blowing your yearly budget. Get first in class solutions for simple monthly payments including hardware, tracking and software. Efficient, easy and cost effective.

Data pooling for large fleets

Pooling for upwards of 20+ assets allows large fleets and seasonal organisations to avoid any overages from a single aircraft. Offering flexibility and cost efficiency.

Opt in instant replacement option

Instant replacement of faulty hardware. No waiting. No loan units. No worries. We’ll send you a replacement ASAP if there is ever an issue. Letting you get back to your day.

Fully inclusive, simple pricing

TracPlus offer you a comprehensive plan when you take up the EasyFleet offer with one bill for all your needs. Hardware, tracking and software services. Making your life simpler.

Cost effective

In some cases, your combined monthly costs will actually be cheaper than the monthly cost you may be paying for satellite only devices. Keeping more money in your pocket to allocate elsewhere.

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RockAIR Device
  • Glare shield mounted
  • Portable
  • Aircraft global communication solution
  • Fully tested to DO160G standards
  • High-resolution tracking
  • Two-way messaging
  • User-defined forms
  • Across both satellite and cellular networks

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We are all part of a globally connected community. You are not alone. We see you. We are
here for you.


Experience seamless communication between you and those who matter most, at any
particular given time. One view of the truth.


Enjoy the peace of mind, reassurance and security of knowing that we have you covered.

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  • All figures are in USD
  • Hardware plans are subject to credit approval and terms and conditions
  • Hardware plan calculated on a 5 year duration, shorter durations are available
  • Plan above is on a lease to own basis, operating lease plans are also available
  • Plan pooling available for select customers on overages (20+ assets only)
  • Initial training, set up and configuration included at no additional cost